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Pulis's methods prove successful once again

One home match for Tony Pulis and one win. Not bad the man type casted as the villain of modern day football. The man who has destroyed what we all want from football... Read more

USA Green with Envy as Julian Chooses Germany

After amassing 80 caps and managing the side for two years, Jürgen Klinsmann could well be found guilty of treason in Germany if his latest mission to recruit one of the country's future star pays off... Read more

The forgotten £18m forward now making a splash in Japan

Six goals in return for an £18 million transfer fee, doesn’t seem like a success. Well it might not have been for the man who paid the fee but ask anyone currently in Japan’s capital city, and they would disagree... Read more

Arsenal can still beat Bayern

Most people have already written off any hope a English club making the Wembley final of this year's Champions League. Needless to say however, Chelsea did it last year. It has almost become a cliché but right now it is suitable... Read more

Use of B teams is an example to follow

In many countries across Europe, a system is utilised in which teams from the top division have reserve sides playing lower down the same football pyramid... Read more

Is the Chinese revolution over already?

This week has seen the Chinese Super League's two highest profile players leave. Didier Drogba has left for Galatasaray permanently and Nicolas Anelka has joined Juventus on loan... Read more

Luton at Wembley now more likely

It's Sunday 13th April, Luton Town kick off at Wembley against Manchester United for their first FA Cup final since 1959. Seems unrealistic? Well, it most likely is but after Sunday's events and fifth round draw, the dream lives on... Read more

Baxter seeks to haunt boyhood club

Jose Baxter will once again attempt to prove himself on the highest level when the ITV cameras travel to Boundary Park this Sunday, to see his Oldham side take on Liverpool in the fourth round of the FA Cup... Read more

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