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Del Bosque's Next Move

Vicente Del Bosque has been harshly criticized after the horrendous performance of Spain in the World Cup... Read more

La Liga Goes On

In case you haven’t heard about it, there was a Clásico last Sunday... Read more

The End Of An Era

Last Saturday I read in the pro-Barcelona media that Barcelona had played their worst game of the season. Sadly, I heard the same thing last week against Real Sociedad, and few weeks ago against Valencia... Read more

Real Madrid Fails To Prove Superiority

For over 10 years Madrid’s derby was always another game for Real Madrid to prove its superiority against their city rival Atletico de Madrid... Read more

Barcelona: Half Empty Or Half Full?

Once again a Barcelona game has left its viewers with mixed reviews against Sevilla. Some are focusing on the empty half of the cup, those first 30 minutes were some of the worst I have ever seen this Barça team play... Read more

Trouble Brewing

I remember seeing Barcelona lose very important games recently. I remember the game against Chelsea at Camp Nou, a very painful game for Barça fans... Read more

Barca Proves Football Is Above All

This past week has been very stressful for all Barça fans. Not only did Real Madrid get three points closer and positioned themselves one point behind Barcelona, but a storm of trouble swooped the City of Counts... Read more

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