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Happy Birthday, James Rodriguez

by BlakeL
Jul 12, 2014 5:06 PM EDT

On this day 23 years ago, a little munchkin named James Rodriguez was born in Colombia. Today, that little munchkin sits as one of the most talked about stars in the beautiful game.

That's right, Rodriguez officially turns 23-year-old today, which should put terror into the hearts of all his future opponents.

A guy this skilled is only 23? That's correct, ladies and gentlemen.

Although Rodriguez's talents were known by many prior to this World Cup in Brazil, there's no doubt that every fan around the world knows about him now.

The birthday boy scored a goal in every single one of Colombia's matches at the biggest sporting event in the world, with his two-goal output against Uruguay in the Round of 16 earning the most praise.

With Radamel Falcao nowhere to be found due to injury, Rodriguez stepped up to fill the void. There is simply no way that Colombia could have accomplished what it did without Rodriguez taking his game to the next level.

Again, we knew he was good. But this was a different type of good.

Yes, Rodriguez's takeover of the World Cup headlines was that of a well-polished superstar. That's why his age makes it pretty obvious what type of future is in store for him should he continue on his current ascent.

The rumors have already started concerning the young superstar's future club plans. Will he stay with Monaco? Or will he bolt for the Premier League or La Liga?

While Monaco may hold onto him for a little while longer, sooner rather than later he'll be playing in one of the aforementioned leagues.

And if his performance against the best players on the planet at the World Cup are any indication of how he'll fare in a more prestigious league, he'll be just fine.

So, happy birthday, James.

I'd wish you luck in the future, but given the type of unbelievable skill and vast potential at your disposal, you don't need it.