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David Wilson May Have Career-Threatening Injury


Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images.
Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images.

The New York Giants cannot catch a break this year. After extending their losing streak to six games last night against the Chicago Bears, RB David Wilson told reporters today that he’s been told by doctors that they fear that he has spinal stenosis. If true, it could very well end his season early as it would require surgery, and it could certainly jeopardize his career. It wouldn't end his career outright, but raises the chance of his career being cut short.

Spinal stenosis is a rare symptom in which there is a narrowing of the spinal canal, and it can cause pain, numbness, muscle weakness and even loss of motor control. Any of these conditions could be debilitating to a running back, but combine any number of them and it could easily derail Wilson’s career.

The one positive is that Wilson said that he has no pain or discomfort in his neck, and he’s optimistic that he’ll be cleared to return to the field. However, even if he isn’t in any pain, that doesn’t mean his body isn’t in danger.

Wilson is confident that he’ll be able to return, saying, “Best-case scenario I'll be back on the field (next Monday) to play the Minnesota Vikings.”

While that’s an overly optimistic outlook, Wilson does know his own body better than anyone else. As long as he’s not in a position to further injure himself, he could be back on the field within a few weeks.

When asked about Wilson’s injury ending his season early, coach Tom Coughlin said, “That's not the way it was presented to me.” Coughlin placed Wilson’s return within 3-4 weeks, but that seems to be just a guess at this juncture. We should have more information after he gets a second opinion early next week.