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New England Patriots

New England Patriots Injuries


Date Player POS Injury Game Status Practice Status
Jan/16/2014 Steve Beauharnais LB Illness Out of game Did Not Participate
Jan/15/2014 Logan Mankins G Ankle Probable Full Participation
Jan/14/2014 Kenbrell Thompkins WR Hip, Concussion Questionable Limited Participation
Jan/14/2014 Danny Aiken LS Illness Unknown Did Not Participate
Jan/14/2014 Dont'a Hightower LB Ankle Probable Full Participation
Jan/14/2014 Ryan Allen P Shoulder Questionable Limited Participation
Jan/14/2014 Tom Brady QB Right Shoulder, Illness Unknown Did Not Participate
Dec/25/2013 Rob Ninkovich LB Ankle Questionable Limited Participation
Dec/24/2013 Shane Vereen RB Groin Probable Full Participation
Dec/24/2013 Devin McCourty DB Concussion Probable Limited Participation
Dec/17/2013 Josh Boyce WR Ankle Out of game Did Not Participate
Dec/10/2013 Nate Solder OT Concussion Questionable Limited Participation
Dec/05/2013 Brandon Bolden RB Non-injury related Probable Did Not Participate
Nov/26/2013 Chris White OLB Back Questionable Limited Participation
Nov/26/2013 Darrelle Revis CB Chest, Shoulder Probable Full Participation
Nov/26/2013 Aaron Dobson WR Foot Questionable Limited Participation
Nov/26/2013 Marcus Cannon OL Ankle Probable Limited Participation
Nov/19/2013 Michael Hoomanawanui TE Knee Probable Full Participation
Nov/19/2013 Shane Vereen RB Wrist Probable Full Participation
Nov/13/2013 Alfonzo Dennard CB Knee, Shoulder Probable Full Participation
Nov/12/2013 Brandon Browner CB Groin Out of game Out (Definitely will not play)
Oct/29/2013 Danny Amendola WR Groin Probable Full Participation
Oct/20/2013 Brandon LaFell WR Knee Probable Full Participation
Oct/17/2013 Nate Solder OT Back Probable Limited Participation
Oct/16/2013 Marcus Cannon OL Shoulder Probable Limited Participation
Oct/15/2013 Devin McCourty DB Shoulder Probable Full Participation
Oct/15/2013 Julian Edelman WR Thigh Probable Limited Participation
Oct/15/2013 Michael Hoomanawanui TE Knee Unknown Limited Participation
Oct/15/2013 Kyle Arrington CB Groin Unknown Limited Participation
Oct/15/2013 James Anderson LB Back Probable Full Participation
Oct/15/2013 Dan Connolly OL Concussion Questionable Limited Participation
Oct/09/2013 Jamie Collins OLB Non-injury related Unknown Did Not Participate
Oct/08/2013 Rob Ninkovich LB Groin Probable Full Participation
Oct/08/2013 Michael Buchanan DE Non-injury related Unknown Did Not Participate
Oct/08/2013 Tommy Kelly DT Knee Out of game Did Not Participate
Oct/08/2013 Nate Ebner DB Ankle Unknown Full Participation
Oct/08/2013 Ryan Wendell OL Concussion Questionable Limited Participation
Oct/01/2013 Vince Wilfork NT Achilles Unknown Did Not Participate
Oct/01/2013 Dont'a Hightower LB Knee Probable Full Participation
Oct/01/2013 Aaron Dobson WR Neck Probable Full Participation
Oct/01/2013 Stevan Ridley RB Knee Questionable Limited Participation
Oct/01/2013 Tavon Wilson DB Hamstring Unknown Limited Participation
Oct/01/2013 Kenbrell Thompkins WR Shoulder Questionable Limited Participation
Sep/24/2013 Patrick Chung SAF Shoulder Probable Full Participation
Sep/24/2013 Kyle Arrington CB Groin Unknown Full Participation
Sep/24/2013 Sebastian Vollmer OT Foot Unknown Limited Participation
Sep/24/2013 Jerod Mayo LB Ankle Probable Full Participation
Sep/17/2013 Matt Slater WR Wrist Probable Full Participation
Sep/17/2013 Dan Connolly OL Finger Questionable Limited Participation
Sep/09/2013 Stevan Ridley RB Shoulder Probable Full Participation
Sep/09/2013 Alfonzo Dennard CB Ankle Probable Full Participation
Sep/08/2013 Shane Vereen RB Wrist Out of game Did Not Participate
Sep/03/2013 Aaron Dobson WR Hamstring Questionable Limited Participation
Sep/03/2013 Darrelle Revis CB Knee Probable Full Participation
Sep/03/2013 Nate Ebner DB Ankle Unknown Limited Participation
Sep/03/2013 Brandon Browner CB Hamstring Probable Full Participation
Sep/03/2013 Rob Gronkowski TE Back/Forearm/Hamstring Questionable Limited Participation
Sep/03/2013 Brandon Bolden RB Knee Unknown Limited Participation
Sep/03/2013 Duron Harmon DB Hamstring Questionable Limited Participation
Jan/16/2013 Chandler Jones DE Ankle Probable Full Participation
Dec/13/2012 Nate Solder OT Abdomen Questionable Limited Participation
Dec/12/2012 Kyle Arrington CB Knee Questionable Limited Participation
Dec/12/2012 Alfonzo Dennard CB Not Injury Related Unknown Did Not Participate
Dec/06/2012 Chris White OLB Thumb Probable Limited Participation
Dec/05/2012 James Anderson LB Back Questionable Full Participation
Dec/05/2012 Brandon LaFell WR Toe Questionable Limited Participation
Nov/20/2012 Danny Amendola WR Foot Probable Full Participation
Nov/19/2012 Jerod Mayo LB Elbow Probable Full Participation
Nov/18/2012 Chandler Jones DE Ankle Questionable Limited Participation
Nov/13/2012 Dan Connolly OL Back Questionable Limited Participation
Oct/16/2012 Patrick Chung SAF Shoulder/Hamstring Questionable Limited Participation
Oct/02/2012 Dont'a Hightower LB Hamstring Questionable Limited Participation
Sep/27/2012 Rob Gronkowski TE Forearm Unknown Did Not Participate
Sep/20/2012 Logan Mankins G Ankle/Calf Questionable Limited Participation
Sep/04/2012 Sebastian Vollmer OT Back/Knee Questionable Limited Participation