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Saints' Mark Ingram Denies Trade Request Rumor


Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images.
Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images.

New Orleans Saints RB Mark Ingram doesn’t seem to appreciate all the rumors of him asking for a trade from the team. Larry Holder of spoke with Ingram, and the running back cleared up some of the talk that he asked for a trade.

"No, you guys (media) came up with that,” said Ingram. “I don't know who came up with that. I've never said that at all. I never asked for it. Don't want it. Like I said, New Orleans is home. I love teammates, love my coaches, love this organization. I'm very grateful to be part of this organization. It's a class organization."

While Ingram vehemently denied the rumors, this isn’t the first time that an athlete has disputed rumors only for them to turn out to be true.

"Stuff comes from everywhere all of the time," Ingram said. "People speculate things, assume things that may not be true. That's OK. I know the truth and everybody in the organization knows the truth. Nothing like that ever came about. That's all that matters. The air is clear here."

Even if he is speaking the truth, would it really be all that bad if he did ask for a trade? Ingram is used sparingly in the run game, and he simply doesn’t fit the offense. The experiment is clearly not working in New Orleans, and it would be beneficial for both sides to move on at this point.

"New Orleans is home to me," Ingram said. "I love the coaching staff. I love this organization. It's a very stable organization, a great locker room. New Orleans is home to me. I've loved it since day one."