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Weekly Fantasy Football: How To Load Your Week 5 Lineup


Jordan Cameron is a must-start for any lineup. Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images
Jordan Cameron is a must-start for any lineup. Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Weekly Fantasy Football

Well, if your team represented mine with Ryan Broyles and Brandon Bolden, there is a good chance you didn’t fair too well, or barely won (hopefully for you). Me? Notsomuch. Between those two and DeSean Jackson putting up just five points, Jamaal Charles, Jordan Cameron and the rest weren’t enough to overcome Peyton Manning, Adrian Peterson and Jimmy Graham. Thanks matchup maker!

Salary Cap Game (Details)

Prize Catch

Peyton Manning – Do you need an explanation? Manning is making the NFL look like a joke. You might as well throw an Xbox controller in his hand. I’ve seen less-effective offenses in Madden 25. The Cowboys pass defense is still a favorable matchup… then again, what defense in the NFC East isn’t? And even if it weren’t, who cares, it’s Peyton – I’ve already sewn up the MVP – Manning.

Reel Them In

Jamaal Charles – There is just no way I can pull Charles out of my lineup at this point. Remember, this is a PPR scoring system, and Charles has been a beast. While he costs a pretty penny at $14.7 million, I’m going to show you how I have Manning, Charles, LeSean McCoy, Randall Cobb AND Jordan Cameron in my lineup. Commence evil laughter.

Danny Woodhead – Here is step one. Woodhead is actually 12th in PPR scoring for RBs. That puts him ahead of Frank Gore, Doug Martin, Trent Richardson and Alfred Morris. The Chargers have made Woodhead a large part of that offense, and they need him with the myriad of WR injuries – plus the fact that Ryan Mathews is nearly as fragile as Darren McFadden. We’re talking about a current RB1 in PPR leagues, and a RB1 that costs you just $7.2 million, who faces the Raiders this week!

DeSean Jackson – Part two. Yes, DJax disappointed last week, but look who is on tap. The Giants. If carnival bells didn’t just go off in your head, you haven’t been paying attention to how bad the Giants are. Their defense is atrocious and couldn’t stop Blaine Gabbert at this point. Actually, that might be pretty interesting. What happens when a terrible force meets an awful object?

Jordan Cameron – Part three, and just like DJax, Cameron is a repeat. This actually might be the last time Cameron is mentioned. After all, when you put up Jimmy Graham type numbers and you cost just $6.1 million, you should find yourself in every.single.lineup.

Rashad Jennings – And here is the last piece. Now, Jennings is likely a temporary solution that allows us to rack up so many big names/prices, but that’s what makes him such a great value play. DMC is out at least this week, and Marcel Reece suffered an injury as well. That leaves Jennings who did rather well last week, and who faces the Chargers. The Chargers defense is mid-level at best, and with Terrelle Pryor likely back, they will have to account for more than just Jennings on the ground. The kicker here is the $4.2 million price. You’re getting a starting running back for pennies.

Cut Bait

Andy Dalton – The way Dalton’s career has gone, this might be the one week where he surprises and throws for 300 yards and two scores. More than likely, that won’t be the case. Dalton did have five TDs in the first three games but never topped 282 yard, and he has six turnovers on the season (four INTs). There simply isn’t enough upside here to warrant Dalton as your starting QB, especially when Michael Vick and Phillip Rivers are cheaper.

Ahmad Bradshaw – Bradshaw was a surprise scratch last week, and it appears the Colts don’t need him. Yes, Bradshaw will see touches when he returns, but this is clearly Trent Richardson’s backfield, and Donald Brown looked quite good in his share. So even if Bradshaw slips back into the RB2 role for Indy, Brown will likely cut into Bradshaw’s share and value.

Steven Ridley – Belichick’d! Even though Ridley has held onto the ball since his Week 1 fumble, Belichick refuses to give him the full workload again. Instead, LeGarrette Blount and Brandon Bolden (before injured) continue to make this the dreaded running-back-by-committee. At $13.1 million, Ridley should never even sniff your lineup for the foreseeable future.

Mike Wallace – It’s not that Wallace can’t put up a big game as he did in Week 2. It’s that Wallace is $8.4 million and has three stinkers the other weeks. Even in a game against the Saints where the Dolphins needed to play keep up, Wallace finished with just three catches for 24 yards. Don’t spend your money foolishly like the Dolphins did with Wallace.

Roddy White – This is just in case you were thinking, “Hey, Roddy will catch on soon. The Falcons have too many weapons for White not to break out one big game.” In case you haven’t noticed, White still looks gimpy on the field thanks to the ankle sprain. There is a good chance White won’t be healthy until after their bye, and even then, who knows for certain. Add to that White’s $10.2 million tag, and you have a player that shouldn’t be in a single lineup.

Fantasy Challenge Game (Details)

Just lock the Broncos in for Group 1 until further notice. The Chiefs look to be a legitimate 4-0 team and worthy of a pick this week. With the Pack off the bye and facing the Lions, it’s hard not to like them. The Texans get the 49ers – on the road – don’t need to tell you that’s not a good thing. Remember how I mentioned that the Eagles face the Giants this week? Done and done. Well, what do you know? Group 8 comes down to the Jaguars and Giants with the Steelers and Bucs on bye. We have to go with the Giants, don’t we?