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Who Will Take This Carr For A Spin?


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I don't get Black Friday.

For the life of me, I can't fathom how the lure of a few dollars saved would be worth fighting all the congestion in the aisles, the interminable crawl through the checkout line. And don't get me started on the parking.

What could possibly be worth enduring such chaos and agita?

The answer was made clear on Friday afternoon: A franchise quarterback.

Scouts from 18 NFL teams shook off their tryptophan comas by taking in the Fresno State-San Jose State game the day after Thanksgiving. They bellied up to an all-you-can-eat buffet of passes, as Derek Carr and David Fales combined for 1,066 passing yards, a dozen touchdowns. Seventy-nine percent of the 95 passes they threw were completed. 

Those scouts on hand probably came away feeling like they'd gotten their first glimpse at the PS4 -- that they've found something they've just gotta get their hands on before they're all gone.

What they saw was about the best game Fales could have played. His decision-making was flawless, he looked supremely confident in every throw he attempted, and he was far more effective on his intermediate and long throws than I've seen. There are still questions about his arm strength, and his release point suggests a ton of attempts may be swatted back in his face at the NFL level. But if Friday's game was a reliable indicator on where Fales is in his maturation as a quarterback prospect, he likely won over a few scouts with his performance. Perhaps Fales played himself into a lae Day Two selection.

Carr, once again, showed why he's the real deal. He has a strong, accurate arm in throwing all the passes that will be asked of him next season. He has touch you can't teach, and his understanding of where to go with the ball is further along than just about any other quarterback who will be available in the 2014 NFL Draft. His footwork could use some polishing (as was evident on the one interception either QB threw), but he showed he's almost Manzielian in his ability to scramble to keep passing options available. Carr's no less a complete package than Teddy Bridgewater, and I suspect Friday convinced most scouts that he's worth a first-round pick.

I guess finding a franchise quarterback is a reasonable excuse for a Black Friday shopping excursion.