U17 World Cup Stars – Before They Were Famous

  • The U17 World Cup is showcasing tomorrow’s talents today in India.
  • Many of today’s top players once played for their country as teens.
  • FIFA video includes fresh-faced Buffon, Totti, Donovan and Tevez among others.

The U17 World Cup in India is certain to be starring some of the stars of the future.

With lots of goals and promise, teenagers from around the world are pitting their skills against each other in an exciting preview to the break-out superstars of tomorrow.

Check out this look at some football greats before they were famous.

Players like Toni Kroos (pictured above in 2007), Gianluigi Buffon, Francesco Totti, Xavi, Landon Donovan, Ronaldinho, Carlos Tevez have all starred in past FIFA U-17 World Cups.

Can you name these former U17 World Cup stars?

Check out the Before They Were Famous FIFA video here (click on the YouTube link)


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