Antoine Griezmann Apologises in Blackface Race Storm


Atletico Madrid’s French striker ANTOINE GRIEZMANN has told fans to “calm down” after he dressed up as a black basketball player.

“I’m a fan of the Harlem Globetrotters and the good times… it’s a tribute,” he insisted.

Griezmann’s post led to an outcry on social media with one user blasting: ‘You’re gona get so much backlash.. (sic)’

The Frenchman has been linked to possible moves to Manchester United or Barcelona in the new year.

But one Barcelona fan wrote: “Don’t come near my club pls and thank you.”

Griezmann, 26, quickly deleted the original tweet.

 The football ace has received social media messages condemning his actions

 Antoine Griezmann tried to explain himself to fans with this tweet

Griezmann tried to explain himself to fans on Twitter (above).
It didn’t appear to do much good. Rapper Lecrae wrote: “Highly offensive in toward the black community. Even worse to tell the offended to calm down so can you continue to parade the post which shows lack of understanding and concern.”
Griezmann then wrote: “I agree that it’s awkward for me. If I hurt some people excuse me.”

Antoine Griezmann Moving to Boston Celtics!


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