Bumped & Dumped: Now Sergio Aguero has a Broken Rib AND a Broken Heart


Manchester City star Sergio Aguero has suffered another blow just days after breaking a rib on a getaway trip to Amsterdam – he’s been dumped by his pop star lover!

Karina Tejeda, 31, was upset the 29-year-old striker went to a party in his native Argentina during the last international break, according to The Sun.

The hotshot and the singer known as “The Little Princess” had been dating for nearly four years.

Aguero was forced to miss City’s weekend match against Chelsea after suffering what he described in a tweet as a “very heavy slam” when his taxi crashed in the Dutch capital after he attended a concert on his day off.

Karina only reportedly learned of the smash from an Argentinian TV reporter.

She spoke about the couple’s break up while appearing on a cookery TV show in Argentina, revealed The Sun.

Asked about the separation, she replied: “From the start I didn’t say many things. And I feel really good for having done it that way. Today I don’t want to tell anything. I simply realise that people expect that I should sit down to maybe speak badly or drop a hint in one of my songs.”

On Aguero, she added: “With regards to him, I have a lot of respect for him and I’m not going to touch on that topic. People think I’m angry but I’m not. I’m very well.”

Aguero was previously married to Giannina Maradona, the daughter of football legend Diego, with whom he has a son, Benjamin, who is 7.


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