Nick Webster

5 reasons Arsenal lost to Bayern

Created on 20 Feb., 2013 4:00 PM GMT

The defensive midfield specialist

If there is one player that Arsenal have missed since winning the FA Cup in 2005, it is a Patrick Vieira. The Frenchman was the engine room that every successful club needs.

Tough in the challenge and nasty if he needed to be. A keeper of the ball, to him it was more precious than gold. A goal scorer who could pop up and get the vital strikes when needed and above all, a fearless leader.

Watching the Gunners against Bayern, it was obvious that this team lacks the leader. Jack Wilshere if he stays with the club will eventually become that player but he's not there yet. Arsene Wenger has had seven seasons to find a replacement for Vieira and he has failed miserably. The last player who liked he could take the role on, Alexandre Song, was sold to rivals, Barcelona...go figure!

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