Nick Webster

5 reasons Arsenal lost to Bayern

Created on 20 Feb., 2013 3:59 PM GMT

The manager

Arsene Wenger has the managerial resume that very few will ever attain. The man is a visionary and one of the greatest managers world football has ever seen but he has lost his way.

This is the man who built one of the best clubs: Arsenal; one of the best teams: the Invincibles, and one of the greatest temples: the Emirates. But the emperor now wears no clothes.

He has lost the plot. His signings are poor, his team selection poorer, still. Every day he remains in the job tarnishes his reputation further.

He will not resign though; he is too proud of a man, so it is up to the Arsenal board to show some balls and do what was unthinkable seven years ago and sack the greatest manager in the club's history.