Nick Webster

5 reasons Arsenal lost to Bayern

Created on 20 Feb., 2013 3:58 PM GMT

The right sided midfielder

Aaron Ramsey is a work in constant progress however every Arsenal critic I've spoken to has been saying the same thing for the last three years. It's time to write him off, he's not good enough to justify the starting role Arsene Wenger has given. 

Supposedly Arsenal are a passing team that loves to keep the ball. Someone other than Wenger who obviously has some kind of crush on Ramsey can see that the Welshman has the inability to pass the ball to a player wearing the same coloured shirt he is. I have never seen a top class player give the ball away as much and its killing the momentum of the team.

Ramsey needs to go back on loan somewhere preferable as for away from London as possible, learn the importance of possession and then sign for the next team Wenger is managing.

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