Terry Baddoo

5 reasons to become manager of the Blues

Created on 28 Feb., 2013 7:48 AM GMT

A home for trophies

Finally, you’re going to win stuff at Chelsea. No doubt about it.

You’ve got good players and, when they get past their sell-by date, Roman will buy some more. And if your reign happens to coincide with the end of a season, there’s a good chance you’ll be lifting some trophy or another more often than not. And that looks good on your resume.  Which is just as well, because you know you’ll be dusting off that CV sooner rather than later.

You see, from a managerial standpoint, Chelsea, under its present owner, is a bit like work experience or an internship. You learn a lot about the job and a lot about yourself. And, when it comes to an end, as it the inevitably does, you can put that experience to good use….somewhere more permanent!   

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