Terry Baddoo

5 reasons to become manager of the Blues

Created on 28 Feb., 2013 7:42 AM GMT

Show me the money

You’ll be financially set, regardless of what you’ve earned before.

As a manager of any club, you know you’re going to go eventually (unless you’re Fergie or Wenger of course), so why not be fired by a guy for whom compensation is a legitimate business expense.

Prior to the appointment of Rafa Benitez, the Russian oligarch had paid his departing managers a whopping 86 million pounds or some 130 million dollars in severance. That’s on top of salary. Rafa may not be entitled to a platinum hand-shake as he is only the interim manager, but he isn’t working for free, and you can bet his less than six month month stay at the Bridge will keep him in notepads for several clubs to come.

It’s like the Chelsea job is a pension fund for managers. A brief trip down the Fulham Broadway and you’ve got bleep-off money for life.

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