Oliver Wilson

Adidas launch new Champions League ball

Created on 31 Aug., 2012 9:00 AM GMT

Adidas have released official photos and press releases for the new range of footballs that will be used in the Champions League and the Europa League this season.

Adidas, who have provided the match ball for all Champions League fixtures since 2006, have released the Finale 12 for this season’s competition, which has been designed with an outer coating texture intended to provide optimal grip of the point of impact.

The artwork on the stars of the ball is meant to reflect a tactics board of precise on-field movements in addition to the geographical locations throughout Europe linked together as a result of the competition.

All we know is that it looks amazing.

Not so eye catching is the UEFA Europa League ball that his incorporated the colours and design of the competitions logo into the aesthetics of the ball.

A black and white ball would have looked smarter but the new Europa League ball has attracted some fans in a ‘love it or hate it’ kind of way.

Far more stylish is the UEFA Super Cup ball for tonight’s fixture between Athletico Madrid and Chelsea.

Very similar to the Tango 12 ball used at Euro 2012, the Super Cup match ball has a different coloured outline to it’s black panels to represent either the tournament (electric blue), Chelsea (dark blue) and A.Madrid (red).

Like the Europa Leauge ball, the Super Cup ball is modeled on the same technology used for the Tango 12 and brings a modern twist to the classic Tango design.

All the news season’s footballs will be available to buy from www.adidas.com/shop