Kyle Whitman

Analysis: Columbus Crew 1 SJ Earthquakes 1

Created on 19 Mar., 2013 11:24 PM GMT

Wide Areas

Both sides struggled to defend overlapping runs from opposition fullbacks down the channels. The Crew looked particularly vulnerable down San Jose’s left. Corrales would tuck inside from left midfield, forcing Josh Williams in field with him and leaving space for Morrow to bomb forward from left back.

Columbus’ wide midfielders didn’t do a good enough job tracking these forward runs from Harden and especially Morrow. San Jose’s equalizer came rather unsurprisingly when Josh Williams tracked a Corrales run into the middle of the pitch, allowing Morrow acres of space to overlap down the channel and take a hit at goal. The Crew right back was certainly guilty of drifting much further inside to follow Corrales than he needed to but Morrow’s run should have been tracked as well.

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