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Anelka content with achievements

Created on 27 Oct., 2012 3:03 PM GMT

Nicolas Anelka says he is not too worried about what other people think of him and is proud of what he has achieved throughout his career.

The former France international has been involved in numerous controversies over the years, but he does not have any regrets.

"A man without enemies is a coward," Anelka told Le Parisien. "To all those who talk about me and dislike me without even knowing me: 'The feeling is mutual'.

"My entire career has been one big battle with the press.

"Over 65 million people in France think they know everything about football and are preaching to footballers in the belief that all they can do is kick a ball. But when they cross the Channel, they can't string three words together in English.

"I speak English, French, Spanish, and now I'm learning Chinese. I can make myself understood anywhere in the world."

Anelka is one of the top earners in the game following his move from Chelsea to Shanghai, and he believes he is well worth his money.

"You worry about your salary and I'll worry about mine. Everyone has their worth. I've worked very hard for a long time to earn that money.

"My track record is there to remind those who've forgotten. Not all of that money has been spent buying cars and luxury handbags. I have a lot of friends and a big family. I enjoy helping all of them.

"I accepted Shanghai Shenhua's offer because I've been interested in Chinese culture since I was a child. But financial reasons also played a role. I've always been an adventurer who's liked to push his boundaries."

The 33-year-old has worn the jerseys of clubs such as Paris Saint-Germain, Arsenal, Real Madrid, Liverpool, Manchester City and Chelsea during his career.

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