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Blatter flags scrapping World Cup qualifiers

Created on 06 Nov., 2013 4:51 PM GMT

FIFA president Sepp Blatter said the governing body should consider scrapping World Cup playoff fixtures.

Speaking on, Blatter conceded the cut-throat games provide high drama for football fans but believes they are unfair on the nations involved.

Four European and two intercontinental playoffs are set to commence next week as teams jostle for the final spots in Brazil, 2014.

"I have followed this qualification round which at the end will have more than 800 games to qualify 31 teams, one (host nation Brazil) is qualified," Blatter said.

"Naturally I'm following in all the continents what has happened, it was easy to go to Oceania because they're ready to have their team for the playoffs, it's New Zealand.

"But the other continents it's really a very big fight and therefore now the last matches and the playoff matches will bring a lot of excitement and a lot of spectators.

"I would also say it is now not only emotion, it is passion and it will be drama because you have to eliminate teams now in two matches.

"And I think this is good for television, this is good for spectacular football but I think we should try to find a solution where at the end of qualification you are in or out and not just (in a) playoff.

"OK, the playoff gives more intensive action in football but for those teams it is really a hard way to go (out)."

"It is in Europe but is also intercontinental between the Americas and then Asia and Oceania."

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