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Blazer investigation on hold

Created on 03 Aug., 2013 5:43 AM GMT

An investigation into former FIFA Executive Committee member Chuck Blazer has been put on hold until the end of the year.

Blazer, 68, is accused of breaching the FIFA Code of Ethics, amid reports of $1million worth of bribes being paid to Caribbean football officials.

The American initially alerted football's governing body to the financial misdemeanours, but is under investigation himself.

Formerly the vice-president of CONCACAF, Blazer is alleged to have been heavily involved in corruption alongside ex-president Jack Warner.

However, Blazer has confirmed he will not be involved in any footballing activities for the rest of the year, having been provisionally banned for 90 days in May, prompting the case being put on hold.

A FIFA statement read: "Chief of investigation Robert Torres has decided to provisionally suspend the investigation proceedings in relation to former FIFA Executive Committee member Chuck Blazer until the end of 2013 at the earliest.

"Justice Torres took the decision after receiving written confirmation that Blazer will not be engaging in any football-related activities until at least 31 December 2013, and after taking into consideration circumstances which made it advisable to provisionally suspend the investigations."

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