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Carlo Ancelotti


Date of Birth
Jun 10, 1959
Place of Birth
Reggiolo, Italy


Real Madrid's Journey From Dream Team to Nightmare

Real Madrid's Journey From Dream Team to Nightmare

by Juan Yoshika

Just two months ago, it was common to hear football pundits in Madrid say that this Real Madrid could be the best in history. It was compared with the Madrid of Di Stefano that won 5 European Cups (Champions League)... Read more

Beckham wins Ancelotti praise

Beckham wins Ancelotti praise

by Football News

Carlo Ancelotti was happy with David Beckham's performance in Paris Saint-Germain's 2-2 Ligue 1 draw against Saint-Etienne on Sunday... Read more


Season Team Comp
2013/2014 PSG PSG Ligue 1
2012/2013 PSG PSG Ligue 1
2011/2012 PSG PSG Ligue 1
2009/2010 Chelsea Chelsea Premier League
2008/2009 Milan Milan Serie A
2008/2009 Chelsea Chelsea Premier League
2007/2008 Milan Milan Serie A
2006/2007 Milan Milan Serie A
2005/2006 Milan Milan Serie A
2004/2005 Milan Milan Serie A
2003/2004 Milan Milan Serie A
2002/2003 Milan Milan Serie A
2001/2002 Milan Milan Serie A
1999/2000 Juventus Juventus Serie A
1998/1999 Juventus Juventus Serie A
1996/1997 Parma Parma Serie A
1995/1996 Parma Parma Serie A
1994/1995 Reggiana Reggiana Serie A