Sati Clare

The time managers are given in football

Created on 20 Feb., 2014 8:00 PM GMT

There have been 8 managerial casualties this season so far. From Di Canio to Muelensteen these managers have lasted on average just 9 months. This, to be frank, is clearly not enough time. Yes there were different reasons for why each manager left but this method of hiring and firing does no favours to all those who say stability is the key to managing a football team.

There are only a few managers in football that have lasted in their job for such a long time and been successful at the same time, with the highest profile of them and arguably the greatest manager of all time being Alex Ferguson. This man turned Manchester United into one of the biggest clubs in the world. The irony here being that he won his first trophy after 4 years at the club. Would Ferguson have lasted in this day and age at such a big club for so long, trophy-less?

Arsene Wenger, now the longest serving manager in the premier league revolutionised English football by bringing a free flowing, pass and move style with technically gifted players. He however has now gone 9 years without a trophy. For most major European clubs, to go such a long time with no silverware may have cost the manager, so it is quite a remarkable achievement that Wenger holds. However, this then brings back the debate on stability, has Wenger stabilised the club in his time? Yes. Should this override the fact that Arsenal have not won anything in 9 years? No.

Every manager, whichever club he takes over, dreams to be successful and that will take time. The fans and players have to share the enthusiasm along with the backroom staff and the board, there has to be a sense of pulling in the same direction. Add to this hard work and some financial backing from the chairman and you have the ingredients to bring success. Not all owners or chairmen are so understanding, take Daniel Levy, he, with the backing of Joe Lewis authorised a spending spree for then Spurs manager in excess of 1 hundred million pounds. He was sacked in December. If you are going to spend £100 million to change a team, then you have to expect that it will take time to make that team successful, something that AVB did not have the opportunity to do. Rene Muelensteen, was backed in the January and spent over £20 million on new blood. Few weeks later his was the latest obituary to be written for the Premier League managerial casualties.

The truth is, no manager in this century will be given a chance to build a legacy like Ferguson did. There is no time in football to build success, unless you see success as having a healthy bank balance, new stadium and no debts over winning trophies. Which would be a real shame.
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