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Wenger blames medication for problems

Created on 25 Apr., 2014 2:15 PM GMT

Arsene Wenger is worried that medication his players are taking is slowing down their recovery from injuries. The Gunners boss also suspects that some of his players, who are currently injured, may be taking other supplements behind the clubs back for personal problems.
But the bizarre claim has confused the medical team at Arsenal as they oversee all the players medication and fitness routines. Wenger has started to look into the injuries of certain players to find out if there are any other reasons as to why they are injured.
He said in a recent press conference: "Some of them are down to the medication that the players take that you don't even know about.Then you realise afterwards that they took this medication but that's it's not prudent.
"For example, if you lose your hair and you've taken something to make your hair gow, it might not be good for the rest of your body. Medication always pushes a certain part of the body and is sometimes detrimental to other areas.
"I am surrounded by people who want to enhance their performance because they have another problem in their life and it's not always necessarily a good thing to do.The liver does not work so well, the toxins don't leave the body as quickly as they should and the player gets tired.
"At the moment we have not come to any conclusion, every case can be different and you need to analyse very deeply why things happen."
Yet, the Arsenal medical team have stated that none of the players are on long term medication. The Frenchman insists that their recent dip in form, that has seen them battling to hang on to a top four place, is nothing to do with the injury list that they have.
Arsenal, who are now only one point inside the top four after todays 3-0 defeat to Everton, seem to have lost their fight to claim the Barclays Premier League title.
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