Why arsenal can not win the league this season

Created on 14 Feb., 2014 1:27 PM GMT

Arsenal have had poor results against big teams this season. 6-3 loss away to Manchester City, 5-1 loss away to Liverpool and a 1-0 loss away to Manchester united when teams like Fulham, WBA (no disrespect to these clubs) have take points away from old trafford. I believe this is due to the tactics they play. No matter who Arsenal play against they will play the same formation and tactics wether they are playing Bayern Munich or Barnet. This has cost in the City and Liverpool game as they were opened up to easily. 12 goals conceded against 3 of the top 7 away. (Barring themselves.) They still have to go to Everton, Spurs and Chelsea. Against Liverpool arsenal played a high line against Suarez, Sturridge, Sterling 3 of the fastest players in the league. That cost them dearly and managers know how Arsenal are going to play so they will set there team up like Liverpool did. The Arsenal players also seem to have a mental block which causes them to play poor against the big teams. If Wenger started to change Arsenal's tactics due to who they were playing then i would say they stand a great chance of winning the title. However, until then they will lost to many points in the big games, which will in my opinon cost them the title. Also, although he started very brightly and gave Arsenal a massive lift i think Özil has been a dissapoinent. He has not scored since Arsenal drew 1-1 with Everton in December. Also when he plays he looks disintrested. However, i think he is struggling as he has no-one in front of him making runs. During Arsenal v Crystal Palace, and many Arsenal games ive watched this season, Giroud or anybody in the team hardly makes runs behind the defence and this has become more noticeable when Walcott got injured and now Wenger does not want to play podolski even though he would offer Arsenal what they lack at the moment-width.   Also they drew with a Manchester united team that failed to beat the team that was bottom of the league a few days later sort this problem out and due to arsenals consistency against the lesser teams this season I believe they would win the league.
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