Why I think Chelsea will win the league.

Created on 11 Feb., 2014 10:01 PM GMT

Although, I would love Arsenal to win the league, I believe that Chelsea will win it. My main reason for this is that Chelsea who I believe to be the best manager in the world, Jose Mourinho. What I noticed about Chelsea playing the big teams they often go for the draw away and go for the win when they play at the bridge. An example of this is Manchester United. At Old Trafford Chelsea played for a draw and got a 0-0 drew but when Manchester United came to the Bridge, Chelsea comfortably bit them 3-1. Mourinho can adjust his tactics due to whoever they are playing whilst when you look at Arsenal and Manchester City you wonder whether they would be able to go to somewhere like White Hart Lane or Anfield and play for the draw. Also Chelsea very rarely lose a big game. In the top 4- "Arsenal,Manchester City,Chelsea and Liverpool" the only teams that i think have a chance of winning the premier league.Chelsea have picked up 10 points from 4 games, Manchester City have picked up 6 points from 4 games(despite losing to Chelsea twice),Arsenal have picked up 4 points from 4 games and Liverpool have picked up 3 points from 4 games.
Manchester City and Liverpool sometimes drop poor points away from home like 0-0 at Norwich or 1-1 at WBA. However, Arsenal have been consistent against the lesser teams in the league but due to the fact that they are already 6 points behind Chelsea due to matches played against the top 4 Chelsea can afford a couple of slip ups and still be in, if not in control of the title race whilst one or two slip ups from Arsenal could cost them dearly due to their inabilty to beat the big teams. Also, on current form Chelsea have the best player in the premier league - Eden Hazard. When he first joined Chelsea he was seen as over priced but this season he has stepped up to the plate, and to be fair he has needed to because Chelsea's strikers do not produce enough goals so Hazards goals could be the thing that wins them the title. Also , Chelsea have the best premier league. This is a great advantage as if you can continually keep clean sheets then 9/10 you will score the odd goals that will win you the match like Chelsea did at Manchester City. You always have a greater chance of winning a match if you have a brilliant defence rather than a brilliant attack.
This is my first official blog  and i hope you enjoyed it! All feedback is welcomed. Thank you.
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