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David Moyes - The Positives

Created on 26 Apr., 2014 9:08 PM GMT

David Moyes' reign as Manchester United manager only lasted a brief 9 months, and it's fair to say he has received a significant amount of criticism, from both his own fans as well as opposing teams' supporters. The Scotsman has been slated for his post-match interviews, his archaic tactics, his lack of positivity and for not playing to the 'United philosophy'. However, was this widespread criticism deserved?

Moyes' stint as manager of the Red Devils has undoubetbly been clouded by negativity and disappointment, which I suppose can be expected of a club so used to consistent success. For this reason, Moyes' genuine achievements as manager of Manchester United have been ignored. I will now discuss what I perceive as his best moments managing the reds.

The record signing of Juan Mata
Marquee signings are something fairly unknown at Old Trafford, however David Moyes managed to pull off one of the most exciting transfers of the season; Juan Mata from Chelsea. What seemed like a fairy-tale rumour became true, as against all odds, Mourinho accepted the record-breaking offer and the Spaniard made his way to Manchester. He may not have lit the world on fire since his arrival, but you can not take this signing away from David Moyes as a positive from his United reign.

Wayne Rooney signing a new contract
The possible captain for next season, Wayne Rooney, signed a new four year contract with Manchester United earlier this year, under David Moyes. People may argue the extortionate amount - reportedly £300,000 per week - is not a positive, however tieing up a player of such calibre can only be regarding as a good thing for David Moyes and Manchester United fans. 

Great Champions League run
Possibly my favourite positive from the 'Moyes era' at United, the Champions League run. Reaching the quarter-finals appeared to me as fantastic achievement itself, for a very weakened and demoralised Manchester United side. However, the performance put in by the team in both legs against European champions & German treble-winners Bayern Munich was nothing short of excellent. In both ties, Moyes got it nearly spot on in terms of tactics. Often crticised for his in-game tactics, Moyes can not be blamed for United's exit from the European competition.

David Moyes was promised something upon his arrival at the club which he was never given - time. It is my belief that he has been unfairly treated, sacked too early and criticised when he did not deserve so. Granted, there has been several times where David Moyes has got things wrong and we have seen the Red Devils at a place we have never seen them before - but he was never given enough time.

I believe that Manchester United fans should be respecting David and giving him recognition for what he did achieve, rather than focusing on the negatives.
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