Owen McMahon (43)

The influence of Cristiano Ronaldo (in the form of bingo)

Created on 12 Feb., 2014 9:13 PM GMT

An interesting find, by @Vl_nl - a chart showing the frequency of goals in each minute of the game scored by Ronaldo. I have come up with a few conclusions which show the influence the Ballon d'Or 2013 winner has on the clubs he plays for.

Firstly - the amount of goals. This is ridiculous. For a player to score in every minute of the game in his career is unreal.

Secondly - his most frequent come in the 90th minute (22) and in the 45th minute (12) which are vital times in a game. Scoring on the minute of half time can kill off a game, showing his impact on the whole game, rather than an individual effort of a goal. Same applies to the 90th minute, it could be a last minute winner or one to end any hopes of a comeback, nonetheless extremely influential to the team.

We all know Ronaldo is phenomenal, and this was probably made for a bit of fun and for an interesting visualisation of Ronaldo's stats, however there are some in depth evaluations to pull out of this, which say a lot about his character, ability and influence on his club.
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