Owen McMahon (43)

United fan group prepare 'Moyes Out' protest

Created on 28 Mar., 2014 12:10 AM GMT

An anonymous group of Manchester United supporters have joined to prepare an extravagant 'Moyes out' protest at Old Trafford during their next match at Old against Aston Villa on Saturday, March 29th.

The group have kept their identities hidden throughout, but have posted this online publication - http://pastebin.com/7pNyHY3K - explaining what is going to happen and the reasons why.

In the article they explain, "This is not a reaction because we aren't getting our way in terms of winning games... (but the) lack of fight on the pitch and the unavoidable signs that David Moyes isn't up to the highest standards required to manage Manchester United Football Club."

The group have raised funds to hire a plane to fly directly over the Old Trafford stadium at both 10 minutes before kick-off and five minutes into the first-half of the Premier League tie.

The banner will allegedly read: "Wrong One: Moyes Out," which is in contrast to the current Moyes banner in Old Trafford reading: "David Moyes: The Chosen One".

 Although this could end up being all talk and no walk, there is a clear sense of opposition to the Scotsman in the stands at Old Trafford, even if it is the minority.
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