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Bates wounded us GFH are killing us off....

Created on 29 Mar., 2014 9:39 AM GMT

Ken Bates and Leeds United was always going to be a match made in hell.

The fact he took such a long time to find a suitable buyer and came up with GFH proves that, despite his protestations to the contrary, demonstrates that he hates us more than he did when he said in 1984 after Lees fans smashed up the scoreboard at Stamford Bridge "1984 Chelsea-owning vow: ”I shall not rest until Leeds United are kicked out of football."

After an exhaustive search he found the muppets pictures above; L - R; Alrayes, the silent assassin, concerned only with profit, never people or tradition, Camp David, gullible, useless, fat lying, bed jumping snake, Nooruddin, erstwhile chairman, anonymous when anything serious happens, Patel, publicity seeking shortarse, here wearing special orthopedic shoe lifts and the little known Hassan, camel jockey, driver, bodyguard and lover.

The club is dying a slow death, the symptoms are poor, often absent management, lack of cash, increasing debt and absolute lack of direction.

The only person feeding us cash, the lifeblood of the operation is Cellino, our erstwhile saviour as he waits for his appeal to be heard next week. Rumour has it that after disqualifying him the Football League believe they have been seen to do their job and don't care if the independent QC let's Massimo free. To be frank, he is the only person who has stepped up to the plate with cash and has been funding the club from the start of February all the way to fiasco Friday yesterday. If he did take over he has shown the passion and commitment and cash to take the club forward.

We will see in the next week.

In the meantime Mike Farnan went on Sky Sports last night to state his case to the nation, he spoke passionately about local men with football experience, money and a plan to get the club back in the Premiership, he was convincing and if Cellino's appeal fails GFH must talk to him or plunge the club into administration.

Whatever the outcome, Cellino, his dynamic duo of sons and outstandingly padded daughter of Farnan with his abrasive son and fragrant daughter, none of the GFH characters, Los Wanka's must ever darken our doorstep again.

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