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Beeston Dave's ultimatum, will the Football League respond?

Created on 20 Mar., 2014 1:55 PM GMT

Last night, in a suite at Malmaison surrounded by discarded bottles, tabs & hookers, Beeston Dave plotted our future, listening to his favourite music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MK6TXMsvgQg

It came to him in a flash as the last toke took hold, "I'll demand that the Football League give us a decision by close of play tomorrow, make it a legal letter and we are are bound to get a positive outcome!"

He wrote the tome with a heavy heart, the urgency exacerbated by the imminent wages and other payments waiting for sign off in his inbox.

The carefully crafted letter pleaded for the decision to enable the club to move forward and apparently intimated they are unhappy with the bids from the Sport Capital and Together Leeds groups, which they believe were designed to stop Cellino's efforts.

David hastily forgot that is was he himself who led the failed Sports Capital bid and caused all the subsequent unpleasantness.

Whatever the outcome, GFH have shown themselves to be stupid and naive buying the club in the first place without sufficient apparent due diligence. They took over without sufficient funds in place to run the business and take it forward. They have been incompetent in their abject failure to attract new investment, reliant on loans from third parties to support cashflow.

They failed to engage with all interested parties. They proved to be crap at business by running at a substantial loss.

They are ultimately liable for picking the apparent highest bidder and exchanging contracts without fully investigating him and potential issues surrounding him.

Leeds United is a massive club with a rich history, an amazing global fanbase and the potential to be in the top six in England again with the right vision and investment, whatever the outcome, these potless chancers should not be involved in any way in the future.

If they made a film of the Leeds United Story today it would be called "10 years a slave to gypsies, tramps, thieves, potless chancers & lawyers."

Like millions of other Leeds fans I hope and pray that the damage of the last ten years can be stopped and we end up with a real investor with a vision to take us back where we belong.


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