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Cellino and the way forward for Leeds United

by Sporco Leeds Filthy Rich
Feb 18, 2014 8:27 PM GMT

Assuming Cellino's submission to the Football League is akin to self certification, this time next week we will have a new owner, with serious cash.

The only constants over the last 10 years are unbelievably loyal fans who turn up week in, week out, home and away and a steady diet of various flavours of #$%! served up on the park, with a few highs thrown into the mix.

So, how can our new Italian boss deliver what the club needs, a return to the promised land of the Premiership in order that the club can reach it's potential as a 250M a year business and he can earn a return on what is going to have to be a significant investment?

The short answer is that he needs to spend a shedload of money on top of the 1.5M cashflow loan and reported 25M for 75% shares in staged payments.

The masterplan has got to be;

> Understand the current business situation and forecasts.
> Put financial plan in place on and off the pitch to deliver Premiership football.
> Assess club management and put structure in place to support growth.
> Assess playing staff & management and strengthen where required.
> Clear existing debts & support cashflow for the foreseeable future.
> Buy back Elland Road & Thorp Arch, understand & deal with the Ticketus & Compass mortgage situations to remove the restrictions on cashflow.

There will be casualties and we definitely need significant reinforcements.

Club management: Are Haigh & Nooruddin the executive management to take the club forward, does their performance over the last 12 months indicate keen football minds underlined by sound business sense, does it #$%!! They may have skin in the game but if I was buying the club I would want them out sharpish, paid off and sacked off. Farnan & Pearson are football men looking for an opportunity....

Team management: Brian McDermott is a nice fella, great talker & calming influence, but is he good enough to take us up, I am not entirely convinced. He is a good manager, Gibbs & Redfearn are good coaches, but this is Leeds United, we need better than good, we demand outstanding! We need a cross between Jose Mourinho, Houdini & Atilla the Hun!

Players: McCormack & Byram are good players at this level and could probably hold their own a division higher, it's a tough call on the rest; at a push Pearce & Kenny but lack of pace and inconsistency respectively rule them out; Mowatt & Murphy, potential but delivering performances every game is a big issue; Austin, up and down like a whore's knickers, truly beauty or a beast; Lees, maybe, only maybe. The rest, a dogs breakfast of journeymen and nearly men.

It's a big job Massimo, we know you have the balls for it, lets hope your pockets are deep enough, all the best!

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