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Cellino, breathing the passion back into Leeds.

Created on 03 Mar., 2014 10:51 AM GMT

Massimo Cellino had a very influential last couple of weeks, he singlehandedly managed to deliver a new feeling of optimism to extinguish the malaise that has been hanging around like a bad smell for too long.

It took cash, for sure, to bring in two top class signings with a promise of one more to complete our allowance of five loanees, to pay the wages and to clear a dangerous debt, to bring his family with him to Leeds so they too could start to integrate.

It took his time, to deal with the urgent financial issues, start to bond with the management team and meet with fan groups in the Chairman's Suite at Elland Road and individually at both Boro & QPR.

Most of all it took his personality, his largesse, his commitment and his joy for life that shone like a beacon throughout and touched everyone he met.

I can't wait to see the explosion into life we will see for the club when the takeover is ratified.

The team's start at QPR was borne from passion, pressing, fighting for the scraps, pushing forward, dominating, imagine what a performance like that will generate from a crowd hungry for action at Elland Road on Saturday and going forward.

McDermott calls the fans a machine, imagine what the team performing with real passion, adding fuel can deliver.

Whatever the outcome this season, it may very well be too late for a successful playoff push, their is an exciting future to look forward to for Leeds United fans around the world.

The future's bright, the future is white, with an effusive Italian accent.

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