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Cellino, cash & McDermott, what if?

Created on 26 Feb., 2014 3:56 PM GMT

This looks to have been a good 7 days action from Massimo Cellino.

It appears that he has put his hand in his pocket and financed the Butland & Wickham loans, paid off the Enterprise Insurance debt and allowed his son a spending spree in Harvey Nichols.

What if Butland continues his excellent debut form?
What is Byram comes back fit & ready to join the consistent Pearce & Warnock and big Z or Lees steps up to the plate?

What if Murphy turns into the fulcrum of the side and Austin turns back into good Rodolph instead of dogshit Rodolph.

What if Mowatt continues to improve?

What if McDermott manages to persuade Kebe to give a fuck and Stewart to add a bit of steel to his undoubted ability?

What if McCormack stays fit and keeps scoring and Wickham is an unplayable goalscoring machine?

What if McDermott discovers his motivational and organisational skills?

If all that happens we long suffering fans will enjoy the the last 15 games of the season, crowds will be impressive and our new owner will be able to work from a strong base to attract new players, sponsorship & commercial partners in the summer so we can have a damn good crack at promotion next year.

What if....

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