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Cellino, FFS, it's a formality, right?

Created on 25 Feb., 2014 5:41 PM GMT

Well, no seems to be the answer, so here is my theory as to why this is dragging on so long and causing so much pain to so many long suffering Leeds fans.

This is wild speculation, tinged with the odd fact and the truth will come out in due course but I'm bored waiting and reckon what the hell, lets see how close I can get.

The Football League are under more scrutiny than on any previous takeover because Cellino's reputation has been whipped into a frenzy by the media, pundits & bloggers to a somewhere between Bernie Madoff, Charles Ponzi & Attila the Hun.

GFH exchanged contracts with Cellino on 30 January and he expected the deal to complete rapidly thereafter, the Football League had other ideas and asked for a shed load of information when they met MC the following week, they also probably didn't like his assumption it would all be done and dusted pronto.

GFH have reportedly capsized Bates' steady financial ship and are shipping £1M a month in losses, their reputation for stunning business acumen is further enhanced by the fact that they obviously know the rules, presumably told Cellino what would be required, failed to ensure they or he delivered on time and apparently exchanged contracts without absolute, categorical proof of funds.

So where do we go from here? Well, hopefully Cellino & GFH will produce whatever is necessary and deliver to the Football League before 13 March. If they don't, I fear the deal will not be ratified and we will be royally fucked, again!

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