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Cellino QC "Reserving Judgement" = Awesome News?"

Created on 31 Mar., 2014 9:40 PM GMT

Imagine the scene, somewhere in Chelsea, the QC's London pied-à-terre crawling with paid bitches, charlie & fizz, the bunga bunga party is in full flow when the paparazzi arrive following an anonymous tip off....

Bad-a-bing, decision made, Cellino in, Leeds United saved and the start of a bright new future and a roller-coaster of emotion, belligerence, focus, straight talking, raw passion and the odd swear word as our [hopefully] new owner lives his dream.

Massimo's thoughts were expressed vociferously in the famous telephone call with White Leeds Radio last night that had many Leeds fans in a state of shock that after 10 or more years we had heard the truth, with absolutely no sugar coating.

As fans, after the years of pain, we must doff our collective caps to the supremely talented @WhiteLeedsRadio who managed, the night after extracting a drunken rant from Cuddly Ken, to produced the most legendary listening ever heard in football.

The legal eagles have arranged that this piece of club history has been taken down, those privileged enough to have heard it will always have the highlights indelibly printed in their minds, here are mine.

Cellino's epic agenda is one that we can all buy into, without exception.

MC “Because I want to buy Leeds, I should be a fool I know but when I take an engagement I respect my engagement, but I found out that the [unitel] is full of thieves and crooks.

MC “You realise, that the only chance is for Leeds that is got to survive is up to Italian [superguy?] like me [unitel] to buy the Leeds. The only one that bring money there and is able to work in the club, that’s me, and they’re kicking me out like a thief. Do you realise what they’re doing? Why are they doing that? Why? Whose [unintel] to buy the club?”

MC “Worldwide. The fans, they’re not for sale. They are feelings, you don’t buy feelings. You can buy a bitch, for one night, but you don’t buy the love, my friend. And there’s a lot of love for the club. That’s more important, big than you can reali.. you are never alone [unintel] … you have always company.”

With thanks to Leeds United Facebook Group, full transcipt here https://www.facebook.com/groups/LeedsUnitedOriginal/permalink/10154003849080215/

Cellino's lawyers, Mishcon de Reya, say they've been given no timeframe for a ruling from the judge, The Telegraph are reporting that the decision will be made public tomorrow, will 1.4.2014 be an historic day in the history of Leeds United? 

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