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Cellino, the Whirling Italian Dervish!

Created on 13 Apr., 2014 12:05 PM GMT

Massimo Cellino has achieved a lot in a very short time, he swept into Leeds like a whirling Italian dervish and sorted a lot of stuff out, fast.

HMRC were paid off and a winding up petition staved off as henchman Daniel Arty started to take care of the financial mess.

David Haigh gone, sadly not forgotton, poor David missed his first home game in ages and Goodwillie was playing!

Season ticket release date organised, lots and lots of column inches in the local and national press, all positive, big talk and big promised, rumours of a new club badge and an all white kit.

Khazigate dealt with amidst strong suspicion that uncle Ken organised the surveillance as part of the East Stand refurbishments and was watching closely from his bunker above Subway.

Strong suggestions that throughout GFH’s reign, Bates was feeding bullshit & conspiracy theories & Haigh swallowing it so they end up working together? Think he's a swallower.

Bates running Haigh? Remember the call "Friday night David was dinner with Ken Bates. Can you imagine?”

Bates Geppetto to Haigh's Pinocchio, or in his case finocchio! Leeds United, more drama than Dream Team.

From @weareleeds_ Massimo’s reaction after finding the hidden cameras ….


He enjoyed pint in the Peacock with fans and a gad about town.

On Saturday when the football at last took centre stage we were treated to a crucial win, two goals from our million pound man, there is a a new, Cellino inspired refreshing feeling of confidence, enthusiasm and passion around the club and the city.

Rumours abounded of Cellino destroying pair of bought bitches on boardroom table in celebration Bates uploading to broadcast on Radio Yorkshire After Dark.

Cellino's vision for Elland Road includes bunga bunga bar & restaurant with panoramic views of Leeds Liverpool canal, to be launched in the Pavilion with an extravaganza starring the Bought Bitches of Beeston, the Wenches of Winstons & Silks Sluts.

Cellino has gone to see his missus in Miami amid rumours he will be running the club remotely from his Florida lair via hidden cameras & barking orders via speakers.

It’s going to be an exciting ride, strap in.

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