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Cellino wants a proper number 10….

Created on 21 Apr., 2014 8:18 PM GMT

Let me tell you something my friend, we also need a proper goalkeeper, two full backs with the ability to attack & defend, two centre halves who are comfortable on the ball as well as possessing the integral qualities of being built like brick shithouses and being hard as nails, a holding midfielder with nous & bite, two wingers with real pace and the ability to go backwards & forwards and a centre forward with aerial ability, pace and power to add to McCormack, the only shining light of this dark season featuring 21 defeats so far. Only 9 teams out of 92 have a worse record than that.

Before the match I wrote it looks like a 5-2-1-2 clueless fuckwit formation & Cellino told Brian, you pay that Irish cunt £25k a week you fucking play him.

Brian McDermott is not only tactically inept, wet as a weekend in Bognor and uninspirational, he is also deluded, in his post match interview with Eddie Gray he said he couldn’t criticise the players for effort or endeavour, well the fans could Brian, Forest won every second ball, every 50/50 and showed more desire all afternoon.

Smith has been much more effective than the clueless, goal less albeit expensive Hunt, so the Irishman got the nod. Murphy had his most effective game as the advanced midfielder on Saturday, so he was moved to a narrow wing position and the clearly unfit Austin was placed at the front point of the diamond midfield.

The players looked like they didn’t know what they were supposed to be doing and look generally scared shitless of the ball. 10 lateral passes from scared players who don't know wtf they are doing then a hoof into touch, is that tactics?

As the team was reshuffled later in the game, Austin ended up as the most lumbering wing back see since Ian Harte played with a dead leg.

Today was a game of two halves, first half shite, second half clueless, not fucking good enough!

There is no passion shown by the team and McDermott is as animated as Sooty in the technical area, he couldn’t look further from a man with a plan if he tried! We look like a fucking pub team with an £18M wage bill, pathetic, players + management not fit to wear the badge

He says he’s not used to losing, he sure as hell is now, he's made an art form of it at Leeds, lots of it self inflicted

He said will have to address the playing squad in the summer and have a list of players challenge for next season to play his preferred 442, there is no way McDermott, Gibbs or any of the staff responsible for this season’s on field performances should be anywhere Elland Road come the end of the season, they are to tactical genius what Miranda Hart is to wanking material!

I am dreaming of a clean sweep through the club by the King of Corn’s biggest agricultural tractor, dreaming of players of the quality of Avelar, Sar, Ibarbo & Astori, playing proper football, coached by the likes of Roberto Di Matteo.

Bring on the summer, please let Cellino deliver.

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