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Crisis as Leeds United Soap Opera goes X Rated!

Created on 12 Mar., 2014 8:06 AM GMT

The sorry saga of our great club blunders from bad to worse on and off the pitch as the rudderless ship heads towards the rocks of despair and anonymity. Well, Burnley on Saturday to be exact, where 4,000 Leeds fans are likely to witness a pounding of biblical proportions.

We are told Massimo Cellino, increasingly exasperated by the delay in football league approval has stopped pumping cash into the club to prop up cashflow, having already spent £10M, leaving current owners GFH desperate and skint, a position they have been in since day one, oh, I forgot, clueless and divided too.

The Football League executive meet tomorrow, hopefully to approve the takeover, the outstanding questions are apparently more about GFH and the shenanigans they have been culpable of regarding share structure and ownership, another reason Cellino is hacked off, he appears unconcerned enough about his court case next Tuesday not to plan attendance.

Beeston Dave has been pushed out of the parent company in acrimonious circumstances, crying that he has been left high, dry and exposed by his erstwhile employers. GFH look like they gave up funding the club a long time ago and expected a quick flip using Tory Boy, the now invisible Salem Patel & Nooruddin to try, fail and fail again to achieve it.

2 wins in 15 demonstrates that despite a year in charge, McDermott has clearly not got the team in a shape that the players feel comfortable in, by this time the squad should understand the formations and fit into them seamlessly, regardless of personnel. This is patently not the case and the clueless, careless lack of performances reflect the shambles.

The excellent @APOPEY drilled McDermott hard in his post match interview last night on Radio Leeds, the manager is exposed by lack of support or guidance by his spineless current masters, Adam Pope asked the hard questions all fans want answered, barely containing his anger and frustration, Brian sounds like a broken man, out of his depth, sinking fast. It was great radio.

McDermott is a nice, honest fella but like so many before him, this job is too big for him and he is too limited, time to go Brian.

The shame of 4 players, seniors Kebe, Warnock & Peltier and junior Stewart, yes Bambi on ice, ex England international living on the past, never was good & the baby faced pretender who touched the ball 5 times, reportedly attending a strip club on Saturday night and coming into training still drunk on Sunday is a disgrace and they should be ashamed of themselves. They are 4 of our worse performers, shambolic, picking up a wage for toffee. You can only imagine the mockery and disdain from the girls as the clueless players struggled to make a pass! They will forevermore be know as the whoresome foursome.

The drinking culture is allegedly rife at the club, this is an insult to the badge and shows the management have no respect from the players, the club is rotten to the core.

Fans, ex players, club following journalists like @Thomkirwin who care for the club are bitterly disappointed by the state we are in, where do we go from here, I for one hope Cellino is approved and delivers on his promises, if that doesn't happens, the future is a horror story!

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