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DREAM TEAM: Cellino + Farnan - a match made in heaven?

Created on 02 Apr., 2014 7:36 PM GMT

CLAMOROSO, il rivale Mike Farnan conferma che la sua cordata "Together Leeds" e Cellino stanno trattando per l'acquisto congiunto del Leeds!

SENSATIONAL, rival Mike Farnan confirmed that his group "Together Leeds" and Cellino and are negotiating for the joint purchase of Leeds!

A stroke of genius: Massimo Cellino approached Together Leeds about joining forces.

The headlines scream as Don Massimo tells Sky Sports live that he was talking to Farnan’s group “to save Leeds United” and again forcibly denied any wrongdoing in Yachtgate.

Around the same time as a statement from TogetherLeeds reads:
"Massimo Cellino and Eleonora Sport Limited have been and continue to be in discussions with Mike Farnan and TogetherLeeds regarding strategy, partnership and cooperation. The talks have been very constructive.
Everyone should be excited by these discussions as they are in the best interests of all parties including the Football League, Leeds United, its players and staff and, most importantly, its loyal and enduring fans."

Farnan says: "(Cellino's) impressed me with his passion. We think we can work together. We both feel that this is for the good of Leeds."

Cellino "reportedly" said "It's a fucking masterstroke, more money, more experience, fantastic football knowledge, a shit load of cash and all the bought bitches you can eat my friend."

This is good, as good as a combination of Eleonora's arse & Poppy's puppies, outstanding, mouthwatering, juicy and exciting.

If this comes off Cellino will have bought the eternal love of Leeds fans everywhere!
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