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Gormless Fools & Horseshit!

Created on 26 Mar., 2014 4:10 PM GMT

At last we have discovered what GFH stands for; Gormless Fools & Horseshit!

We really are at the point where enough is enough, they came in December 2012 with great promises, significant funding, investor partners, growth, the aim we all crave of back to the promised land, even a serious effort at fan engagement.

The ensuing 15 months have been nothing short of a catastrophic catalogue of PR gaffes, infighting, failed bids, lack of funding, wasted money, borrowing on the never never, engagement with dangerous people, ignoring potential saviours, lying, cheating, gerrymandering and severely pissing off the most loyal fanbase in the country who are used to dealing with a load of old bollocks and have been for over 10 years!

The club is worse off now than it has ever been, we boast no assets bar a few decent players, no ground, no training ground, mortgaged season ticket sales & catering and a pile of debt growing by £1M a month.

It is reported that Massimo "I am an honest crook" Cellino paid a down payment of £8M on completion of contracts and has been totally funding the club since the start of February.

When the Football League committee including Ray Tinkler, Alan Hardaker, Christos Michas, Franz Beckenbauer, Gerd Müller, Uli Hoeneß & Michel Kitabdjian turned Cellino down Beeston Dave assured us everything was ok and the club could continue as a going concern, the club made a similar statement on the website, that is all bullshit of the strongest type!

Cellino's appeal has as much chance of succeeding as I have of a threesome with Scarlet Johansson & Kylie Minogue, scrub that, unless he manages to muster a legal team substantially better that Johnny fucking Coconut I am booking the room for my shenanigans.

Leeds United is more fucked than Fanny Hill, Suzie Wong, Rocco Siffredi, Jenna Jameson, Ron Jeremy, Sasha Grey, Linda Lovelace & The Whore of Babylon put together.

We have a broken manager, scared players and the worst, heatlless, gutless on field performances in recent memory, it's even worse than under Colin Wanker.

Our erstwhile suitor is allegedly contracted to fund the club for 6 months from the execution of contract, GFH are scrabbling around trying to find the cash to pay the wages, you can imagine the call today:
"Hi, Massimo, Beeston Dave here, about this month's wages...." " Cazzo ragazzo proprio il grasso" [fuck right off fatboy] .........

  • Cellino's own summary of events puts our plight in a nutshell and demonstrates what a state GFH has put us in:
  • “I have to appeal. I feel a responsibility to the fans who I am proud to say wanted me.”
    “There are hours, not the next few days. Leeds needs help, needs blood, needs money. Leeds can’t wait.
    “What worries me is I am the only one worrying about that. It’s embarrassing.
    “I am not worrying about the money I have already paid and maybe am going to lose.
    “I am feeling embarrassed, ashamed and down.
    “It’s not nice to say. I feel lost. I am not a crook. I didn’t come to Leeds to do anything bad.”

  • Any chance of GFH fuckwits or Beeston Dave giving us a clue WTF is going on, they know how we feel but choose to ignore it, they have not got a clue how to get out of this self inflicted mess, this is worse than under Ridsdale and worse than under Bates, GFH should be proud!

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