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Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves, GFH the worst of a very bad bunch....

Created on 28 Mar., 2014 3:13 PM GMT

Leeds United has been cursed by a procession of gypsies, tramps & thieves, this lot of camel jockeys are the worst of a very bad bunch.

Other clubs attract serious owners with a plan and deep pockets, many much smaller clubs than Leeds are run in a proper manner and gain success. Football features owners from diverse backgrounds from cooks to porn barons via Easter European mafiosi and Western European industrialists, American asset strippers & US sports specialists, local businessmen made good, traditional, long standing investors who built historic dynasties to new kids on the block who saw the potential or even, in some cases, loved the game.

The guilty men who have been in control of Leeds United is a roster of clueless, heartless, greedy, stupid, moronic, shysters, thieves & charlatans: Ridsdale lived the dream on other people's money, delivered success followed rapidly by disaster overseen by the clueless The Nutty Professor who was followed by the lightweight Krasner/Morris/Levi axis who in turn were cynically shafted the dynamic duo of Bates & Harvey.

Cuddly Ken was lucky enough to find the hapless, potless chancers in the shape Haigh, who turned out to be a weak willed fall guy jumping from one potential buying group to another with reckless abandon, eventually settling on the back of the highest bidder who promised to keep him on board; Patel who asked the fans how to run the club, Noorrudin whose sole purpose appears to have been self aggrandisement & the evilest of them all, Alrayes who lurked in the shadows whilst pulling the strings.

This  loathsome foursome sold us a dream of fan engagement, investment and delivery to the promised land.

They delivered nothing apart from PR puff, they sucked out huge tranches of cash in fees, piled up debt, lived on the never never until choosing the only investor they found willing to pay the highest price they set and fund the club, they researched him, found enough skeletons in his closet to stock a graveyard, knowing if they chose him as the only option there was huge risk of failure, then they decided to shaft him.

They insisted they have cash in place to sustain the business, they lied, again.

How they got Cellino to stump up a downpayment and agree to pay the bills for 6 months is beyond most rational minds, how GFH believe they have no responsibility for the club and haven't since the start of February is incredible.

Yet here we are, players & management have only been paid part of their March wages, staff paid in full - by Cellino, not GFH, not Camp David - with a promise of the rest after his appeal hearing next week.

They promised there was no chance of admin, they lied, again, the club is trading while technically insolvent.

Stories abound of the bankers, I use the term loosely and probably mis spelt it, whoring themselves around insolvency firms this week, looking at a pre pack administration escape from their responsibilities.

What chance of overturning the original decision, well, the Football League, from Alan Hardaker's hatred of Don Revie to the disdain they have shown us in recent times and the farce of Shaun Harvey, a specialist in taking clubs into admin being an influence on our future now haven't exactly got a soft spot for us, have they?

What drama unfolds over the next week or so is pivotal to the future of our great club's chances of escape from languishing in suspense, let's hope, for once that it's positive.

Cellino may be dodgy, but he is a football man with passion and money and a dream, Together Leeds are football men with cash, both viable options that give us hope, even the mysterious businessman linked yesterday would be a better option than the current lot and we know nothing about him.

Whatever the outcome, GFH should have absolutely no part in our future, they are the worst owners we ever had.

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