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Khazigate & the Dogshit Derby

Created on 11 Apr., 2014 6:53 PM GMT

More unbelievable developments in the Leeds United story which is stranger than fiction today as David Haigh resigned as it emerged that hidden cameras had been found concealed in the toilets and boardroom at Elland Road.

Any suggestions that the two are related and Haigh was flushed away in the shitstorm of Khazigate are purely conjecture.

Khazigate, is the latest episode in soap opera, will it be Smashherbackdoorsgate next when Eleonora turns up?

There are strong rumours of the resurrection of the Carry On series with “Carry On Mumbling”, “Carry On Follow That Camel” already i the can and the latest "Carry On Up The Khazi!” in pre production.

@PhilHayYEP publishes the eagerly anticipated final part of his epic interview with Massimo Cellino at midnight, the ways it's going it may well include porn, romantic comedy and a bison.

In other news, there is a strong rumour that the new club sponsor is Domestos and Linda Block is to be confirmed as interim Managing Director, ding dong!

Meanwhile the big game tomorrow sees Leeds United at home to Blackpool, the two teams with the worst records in the division, it looks like a dogshit crowd for the dogshit derby.

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