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Leeds fans are special, the fuel for the machine, Cellino must deliver the team we deserve

Created on 16 Mar., 2014 9:56 AM GMT

Yesterday, the cosmopolitan metropolis that is Burnley welcomed the biggest away following in the country as just over 20% of the crowd generated 80% of the noise. This, two abject home defeats in a season that has has fizzled out and promises to deliver nothing but midtable mediocrity.

It's not unusual as this season, despite on pitch performances we have generally taken a third more away fans than the next best supported team in the division and it won't be a surprise if the Cellino effect lifts home attendances to the top of the league.

It's not a new phenomenon, the fans have been great since the glory days when the team delivered similar quality. Interestingly adversity has strengthened the support in many ways, when most sets of supporters would have deserted in droves, Leeds fans stuck around. Remember the -15 season where packed away ends drove the players on.

Elland Road has always been considered a fortress, we even intimidated old red nose, scared Bristol Rovers shitless and in the cups showed the Premiership prima donnas what an atmosphere is like.

We took 9,000 to the theatre of wet dreams and drowned out 60 odd thousand prawn sandwich munchers, 9,000 to Arsenal twice, 6,000 to Citeh and made more noise than our high class hosts, consistently and without exception.

We kept coming through the turnstiles through the last 10 years of hurt, bullshit, broken promises and shattered dreams.

The next few years promise investment, excitement and the return to the promised land we fans so richly deserve.

Imagine what will be the result of proper investment and a team we can be proud of, imagine how the Carlos kick-abouts in the Premiership will soil their designer pants as they hear the Elland Road roar, imagine the pride our new top class £30M Italian fancy dan striker will feel when he scores in front of the Kop and realises what it is like to be Leeds!

Leeds fans are world class, it's up to our new owner to deliver a team to match!

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