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Leeds United is broken, please let Cellino fix it.

Created on 02 Apr., 2014 2:48 PM GMT

As we wait for the independent QC's judgement and the players wait for the rest of their wages as camp David broke another promise, unbelievably communicated the news to them in the dressing room before last night's match, we wait for GFH to submit the accounts which were due on 31 March.

In the meantime rumours abound that Shaun Harvey's recent trip to Malaysia on "business" featured a meeting with potential investors in Leeds United, If Harveygate in Kuala Lumpur is true, we should get Cellino in on a TKO and get our 25 points back! Harvey's position is now absolutely untenable if this is true, it proves corruption and conflict of interest with a direct link to GFH & the Malaysian investors.

As we wait, the club, my club, your club, our club, lies bleeding and broken, a laughing stock with no apparent way out.

Off the field we are in shtuck with a stand off between GFH who can't pay and have abdicated responsibility & Cellino who won't because he has been screwed around too much.

On the field we are a disaster.
7 clean sheets in 43 games.
Last 10 games, we have the worst record in the division.
Last 20 games dDLLLLLDWWLdDLLLWLLL 3 wins, 5 draws, 12 loses, 20 goals for [11 scored by Ross McCormack], 36 goals against.

Cellino may be brash, he may be brutal, he may be belligerent, he is definitely passionate, honest and forthright in his assessment of situations & opinions of people and has a clear vision for the future. He wants what we want, he shares our dream, he is Leeds as we are Leeds, he wants Leeds United back in the Premiership, with a proper manager and proper footballers playing proper football.

Radical change is needed, we need a proper management structure who understand football and football business, not greedy bankers who just want to asset strip and know nothing of the game. We need a top quality manager, not a Championship manager, a Premiership quality manager. We need much, much better players, we need to clear out the current lot of overpaid wasters bar a couple of the existing squad.

We have a turnover of £28M, that will be substantially increased when a fit & proper football person with business acumen is in charge. We have a wage cost of £18M, with that sort of money we should have a squad to be proud of. We are losing £1M a month, because we are run by incompetent buffoons who don't understand the business.

We need fixing and fixing fast by someone who knows how to run a football club and wants to make his dream a reality, he is ready, willing and able to get stuck, let's hope and pray he is allowed to.

Image courtesy: @theleedsmango
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