Sporco Leeds Filthy Rich

#LUFC #TwitterWhites @TSSLUFC @WACCOE @RITGK @TheSquareBall "GFH Guilty of GBH!"

Created on 24 Mar., 2014 11:51 AM GMT

Haigh, Alrayes, Patel & Nooruddin stand today accused of inflicting grievous bodily harm on Leeds United, one of our biggest clubs, let's hope the charge doesn't escalate to murder!

The loathsome foursome have failed miserably to deliver their business plan of attracting serious investment and overseen a catastrophic decline in the clubs finances to a point where it is unsustainable.

The potentially irreparable damage alluded to in the ill conceived and badly written letter to the Football League has been meted out, the club is in dire straits.

These muppets bought the club from a well known slippery character in Ken Bates without completing sufficient due diligence to understand the real state the club was in, they did not succeed in their stated business objectives, declined to engage with all interested investors and ultimately jumped into bed with the highest bidder, despite the considerable risks involved due to his country of origin and past business dealings.

Don't blame the Football League, don't blame Cellino, the blame rests squarely on the shoulders of the potless, clueless chancers who thought they could make a profit out of our heritage, they are the guilty men!

Where does Leeds United go from here, let's hope it is without them.

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