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Created on 20 Mar., 2014 8:15 PM GMT

....David Haigh burns with incandescent rage as Shaun Harvey fiddles with a ladyboy in Kuala Lumpur and the expensive lawyers & PR firm letter delivered to the Football League demanding a decision today remains unanswered and ignored.

No surprise really, the FL said they will make a decision within 10 days which expires on Sunday so the last working day in their timeframe is tomorrow, which is exactly when they are likely to rule.

The crux of the matter, following the PR disaster today with Haigh as MD & employee claiming to have sent the letter, the contents of which apparently slagged off all competitive bids, including Haigh's own, then saying it was sent on behalf of the owners is that, according the excellent and very reliable @david_conn the "Football League has a lawyer considering Cellino's argument that tax case not a conviction in Italian law, and wasn't dishonest."

The legal eagle may well decide in favour of our Italian saviour, if he doesn't and he is turned down it doesn't look like the hapless bankers [no it's not a typo] of GFH have a viable alternative.

Teflon Dave has stated categorically that they have the cash to continue running the club, that isn't supported by the reported £1M a month losses and massive borrowings they have incurred so good luck with that.

I won't be surprised if the Football League approve Cellino with a caveat pending further legal action, stranger things have happened in the Leeds United soap opera.

What will tomorrow bring?

Will it be moody and morose after a big night?

or a happy, clappy one?

Thank me for doing tomorrow research and not posting "Tomorrow" from "Annie!"

Whatever tomorrow brings, Leeds fans will still turn up, loud & proud, week in, week out, home and away.

Marching on Together into an uncertain future....

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