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#LUFC #TwitterWhites @TSSLUFC @WACCOE @RITGK @TheSquareBall The Football League owe us an answer!

Created on 23 Mar., 2014 10:24 AM GMT

The Football League's self imposed 10 day deadline expires today, they owe Leeds United an answer on the Cellino takeover.

This is serious and written with a heavy heart, without irony, sarcasm or humour that normally features in this blog.

They must have known there was a possibility our prospective owner's court case on Tuesday would go badly. They must have had a legal team in place to interpret the Italian law's decision, surely. They must want to resolve this major issue with the biggest club by a country mile in the League, surely. They took the unprecedented step of making statements on the progress of the case on their website, surely a decision is imminent today or tomorrow.

Details of the process have emerged that the executive committee make a decision/recommendation and pass it to an eight man panel for ratification, they can meet remotely so that's not the cause of delay. Shaun Harvey has been in Kuala Lumpur on business, heaven knows what our game can learn from Malaysia's, unless it's how to run an effective betting ring, he was available for calls at all times including the middle of the night and is, of course an expert in what can happen when things go wrong for football clubs.

Despite the ill conceived, badly written and factually inaccurate letter from GFH's lawyers.
Despite the fact that this issue is not at the top of anyone's agenda apart from ours.
Despite the fact that other clubs don't like us much.
Despite the fact that the Football League give the impression of being ineffective buffoons.

It looks like our great club only has one option, Cellino, the Football League owe us an answer, now!
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