Sporco Leeds Filthy Rich

NO MORE, Mr. Nice Guy, enough is enough, time for McDermott to go....

Created on 08 Mar., 2014 8:13 PM GMT

Yes, it's been a tough year, there has been off the field uncertainty, dodgy owners, GFH acting like buffoons BUT and there is a BIG BUT:

McDermott has been here nearly a year.
McDermott was backed in the transfer market to brinmg in Murphy & Wootton, neither of whom have torn up any trees.
He got the money to bring in his two wingers, and brought in dogshit.
He got the money to bring in a top quality keeper & centre forward.
His team over achieved to get to 5th just before Xmas.
His team have won 2 of the last 14 games to fall way out of the chase for the playoffs.
His team, with all the pieces of the jigsaw in place looked like a real Leeds team for 40 minutes against QPR last week.
His team played with no passion, heart or pride in the shirt AGAIN today after the debacles that were Rochdale & Wednesday.

Leeds United is blessed with world class fans, Premiership crowds, a global brand and a rich tradition.

Leeds United is cursed by years of neglect, greedy and incompetent owners.

Leeds United deserves better, I hope Cellino is the man to deliver a bright future, with a new man at the helm.

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