Sporco Leeds Filthy Rich

&Pound;11M projected loss, were GFH expecting immediate salvation by the hairy Godfather?

Created on 20 Feb., 2014 9:53 AM GMT

According to our information delivering champion @PhilHayYEP Leeds are on track to lose around £11M a year without sufficient revenue to sustain it, meaning not only is the club not a viable business but we are severely knackered under the FFP rules.

Did they not do proper due diligence when they took over from the evil Bates regime?

Did the dark lord pull the wool over their eyes, pull their collective pants down and roger them senseless?

Did they make financial projections based on capacity crowds, increased sponsorship & commercial revenue and immediate promotion without investing in the playing squad to achieve it?

Are they simply crap at business and have no understanding of how a football club works?

Were they waiting for a fairy Godfather to arrive sooner rather than later, because many people were under the impression they were ready to flip us and sell as soon as they took over?

Well, our hairy Godfather has arrived in the shape of the brave Cellino, I truly hope that his stated ambitions are real and his pockets are deep enough to pull us out of this mire of debt and lead us to promised land of the Premiership.

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